We, third year students from BA Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts, have continued creating, writing, investigating, visualising and designing. Since September 2020, as part of our final degree projects, we have explored a range of themes from technology and temporality to stimuli and design, identity and emotion, spaces and nature, and society and injustice.

We are happy to present UPLOADING, a collaborative website that compiles all of our work-in-progress which continues to prosper through lockdown. All of it has been made from our homes around the world, with limited resources, shared via video calls every week and uploaded to a digital studio wall. We invite you to delve into all our projects and enjoy, dissect and share them. We are calling you!

This website has been designed and created by students of BA Graphic Design at Camberwell graduating in 2021. Art Direction & Design by Beatriz Prata, Clara Sáez Calabuig, Maddy Tetchner and Dejana Draganic. Social Media by Inês Campilho.

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